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Dogs have always been part of our lives and our family. Throughout the years we have had many breeds but a few years ago we fell in love with tri-colored Aussies... Next came Millie,our Yorkshire Terrier. She is a wonderful dog and a great size for lovin' on cold Minnesota nights. In 2006, after the kids left home, we made a trip to Germany and guess what we found...a tri-colored Yorkie called a Biewer...well, the rest is history and so our story begins. 

The vast majority of our puppies are sold as pets on a strict spay/neuter contract. We only sell with full registration to experienced breeders and trusted friends or personal referrals. Prior to placement, an adoption questionnaire must be filled out and references checked. 
These are not inexpensive dogs so do your homework and get the best quality dog you can. There are differences out there...BE CAREFUL!

 Our goal at Greenwood Biewers is to produce healthy, well socialized representatives of the Yorkshire Terrier breed, highlighting some of the glorious color variations within it. Thanks for visiting with us, we hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do. 

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